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So sad bitcoin is gone!


Bitcoin is the only way I can pay through it, and now fiverr cancel this way, I do not know what I should do because I like to buy a lot of gigs here! Unfortunately I can not pay by debit or credit card, PayPal.


You could try selling your bitcoins and receive paypal money as payment


Exchange your btc $$s to Paypal … and start enjoying fiverr.


How much is one bitcoin worth? $5? I heard they used to be worth a lot more, but then bitcoin got into some troubles I didn’t understand well.


1 bitcoin is worth 900$ according to my account, I have 7.35 and the value below it is 6,722$


Lol $5…like 5 years ago it was that try like $900 a coin now


same felling here we only have bitcoin payment gateway. will Fiverr starts sccepting BTC soon again ?


Fiverr has never accepted bitcoins. How could it? The average order is $5, one bitcoin is worth $900.


Its split up. For example I can charge .1 BTC for a service and that would end up costing around $100

The BitCoins are mined in increments of 1, but are not sold, distributed, or used like that.


It has until recently, if you look at the payment info page it lists it even still with the other methods, but as discontinued.


I’m surprised bitcoin was very allowed. Bitcoin is only great for other bitcoin users. If I don’t accept bitcoin, how are you gonna pay me?

Besides, there’s nothing I can do that’s worth $900. As far as I’m concerned, bitcoin is better for buying expensive things without leaving a trace. I know bitcoin was extremely popular at that Silk Road website and in the dark web in general.


Can you split it all the way to $5 or $25?

The dollar seems a more practical currency.


I think small bitcoins are called satoshi which can even be 1 cent


Well, that makes sense. I still don’t know if I would want to get paid in satoshis. I’m happy getting paid in dollars, the dollar is an extremely stable and powerful currency accepted all over the world.


First off, @phantompower the satoshi is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin, so approximately $0.000009. So eventually it will become 1 cent as the value of the BTC is increased. So this means that yes, a Bitcoin can be broken down past $25, $5, and even smaller than a cent @fastcopywriter, which makes it viable to purchasing anything from toilet paper to a car.

The draw of the currency is that it is A) universal, and holds the same value no matter where you are in the world, and B) it s decentralized, not controlled by any one bank or nation and C) its digital, and is highly secured via the encrypted BlockChain technology.

Also, there are minuscule if no foreign transaction fees, its getting a lot faster, and its getting more convenient with the introduction of digital Bitcoin “wallets” which function almost the same as an ordinary credit card for online purchases. And since it’s value is in mathematics not gold or silver, it theoretically will hold its value eternally.

It is very easy to convert Bitcoin to US dollars or any other currency, and vice versa. Services like : provide this service, but payment providers like PayPal and Stripe are integrating BTC into their systems to allow instantaneous conversion

Here’s a much longer, better explanation:

Note: Bitcoin is not a physical currency. Its digital, however you can exchange BTC using QR codes, which allows for some form of paper currency to be created, however it is not necessary for the system to work.


Maybe some day when billions of people have Bitcoins, Fiverr will accept them. Until then, this will be a dollar-based platform. You can use your dollars to buy whatever you want.


I’ve never understood the allure of bitcoins. It seems, at best, a collectors item for tech-minded people. It isn’t a true currency, and doesn’t appear to be accepted many places as such. In today’s global economy, you’re probably better off possessing actual currency, and transferring it to whatever national currency is necessary.


Jon honestly, GOLD is and always will be the solid choice for future possession, although the current market price is still low (down to ~ $1200/oz from $1800/oz few years back).


Well, yes, certainly, from an investment standpoint. I was referring to the use of currency, such as on an e-commerce site like Fiverr. :wink:


honestly bitcoin like anything else is just something people put value, gold is just a mineral, found in the earth just like limestone, but being humans, its shiny and hard to find we will pay to own it, or exchange for something, money in its current state is just a societal construct that we’ve all come to accept, but in reality money is paper with fancy printing, as a matter of fact its less so right now, right now money is just a digit on a computer, that’s backed up by a physical counterpart…and economics and everything else affects how money is valued, bitcoin can be used in places where there is a desperate need for an alternative, India is currently going through a devaluation process, where small bills stop gets used and eventually won’t really have any value.