So sad i didn't reply back fast 2 potential buyers just because different time zone


Any one could help me tips on serving request from another country and time zone? How do you deal with it 1 month in fiverr got total of 9 sales completed I just missed the opportunity huhuhu


Make sure that your gig delivery times are not unrealistic and build in extra time to account for time differences and Fiverr system malfunctions.

Not every gig is appropriate for one-day (or similar) delivery. It can be better to get fewer orders than to be late or have cancellations due to tight timelines.

And keep in mind, it’s good to be professional and attentive, but no-one should be expected to be available every minute of every day. That’s just not healthy! :slight_smile:


I check my inbox messages before I go to bed and when I wake up. I also have the Fiverr app so any messages, orders or reviews I get come up as a notification on my phone. A buyer should be able to wait 8 hours for a response while you’re asleep.

Even if you can’t work on an order, it’s always best to at least acknowledge someone when they message you explaining you’re away from your computer or work station.


I work almost 16 hours in front of my desk. Whenever i got any message i just response to them as soon as possible. In that case i never lose any of buyer yet.


I don’t think it’s only the time zone that is the issue. Your description had many grammatical errors.

also, you tell people that they have to message you first before ordering for “more info”…all the info should be in your gig write up. Why would they need to contact you before ordering? Unless you are going to try and charge them more. Buyers will not like that idea.


Reply to @sincere18: ok I should make some corrections on the description i guess this is an issue too


Reply to @mk_8547: yes, that could be one of the issues. There are many factors that go into a gig.

What is always a good idea is to look at the top sellers in your filed, the ones who have similar gigs to you and read over their descriptions, read their profiles, see what kinds of photos and videos they use, and just get ideas on what makes their gig really stand out from all the others. And then be inspired to work towards creating your own great gig.


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