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SO SICK of buyers expecting more and more and more

I lost my ability to use extras in a gig because someone wasn’t happy. She didn’t even bother to contact me before leaving feedback. It was some lowww feedback too! She asked for a two word title, but I had to use her specific word as the second word. There are only so many words I could use… haha! I provided her with 15 possible names because I wanted to be sure she got her $5 worth and it still came back to bite me in the arse. Not to mention, she said I took longer to complete the project then she expected but I delivered within the specified time limit. OMG. What can people really expect for $5??? Not to be unappreciative, but c’mon!! I even state in my gig that my service is to provide inspiration and I can’t guarantee that they will love one of the names I choose.


Ok, I feel a little better but I just need to breathe. I’ve been naming things for almost twenty years and while I’m a one person show, I feel I come up with some pretty decent ideas. I hate second guessing myself over $5… err $4 really. Ok, I’m gonna go breathe some more and just chill. Nice to have a place to vent!

Fiverr is weird that way, I have 300 positive reviews and 9 negative ones, yet it was #9 that lowered my rating from 99% to 98%. I wish Fiverr would send us an e-mail before taking action, get our side of the story.

I hope that with more positive reviews you’re once again elevated to level 2. That elevation is automatic, so it should happen. In the meantime, create more gigs, you never know what buyers are looking for, just don’t do clone gigs. That’s very rude.