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So sometime my gig appeares on first page in incognito tab of chrome

Sometimes my gig appeares in google incognito tab on first page when i search wordpress transfer or wordpress migrate but it does not show on other browsers.And also it appeares on incognito for just 2 minutes and then it again goes to end page so what is this confusion any suggestion or idea?:disappointed_relieved:


You’ve already had a really good answer: :slightly_smiling_face:

You keep asking similar questions, to which none of us have the answer.


My problem is different because of my gig is extremely pushed by fiverr it is not rotating but it is again and again pushing by fiverr :sunglasses:

Fiverr decides where your gig is. There’s nothing you, nor anybody else can do to help it, improve it, move it etc.

Constantly asking what can be done, and indeed checking its position is a waste of your time.

Can you not find a hobby that doesn’t involve pressing F5 constantly to see where your gig is?

The advice you should have taken is this from hanshuber:
To be honest, there’s no point in worrying too much over your gigs’ placement as your gigs are always moving all over the place.


I think here on fiverr only you and me who are asking and answering each other :wink: and others or sleeping.I have no hobby when am not earning from fiverr. Fiverr F5 is only my hobby now a days :sweat_smile: And when i get it then i will think about any hobby.So what i can now ? There is nothing in my mind to do in these days as here also am on vacation from university.Hahah

Diversify. Try F6. :sunny:


It is also not working to fetch my gig from end page to first page :sweat_smile:

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I almost choke while sipping my coffee !!! :flushed::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I really didn’t expect your answer… :crazy_face: LOVED IT !!! :joy: :wink:


Perhaps it is time to find other hobbies.

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