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So straaaaaaaaaaange

I’ve been using Fiverr for quite some time ( and the forum too) and this is the first time I say this here:


I know I know, just joking. Well, not joking in a sense, I’m not complaining either, but it’s just
so strange. I finished my last gig ( it was an illustration of a girl with nice wavy hair) and that was 3 days ago. In other words I haven’t worked on any gigs for 3 days straight.

I guess this just made me realize that Fiverr is indeed a pretty large chunk in my daily life.
Just 3 days, and it feels so strange. Tomorrow and day after that is my day off so it’s perfectly fine
not having to work on gigs, but daaaang.

My daily routine is like this:

Wake up.
Eat breakfast.
Check email/check for gigs.
Work on gigs for a few hours/have lunch, etc.

Go to work.
During my break, I check for messages and poke my head into Forumland.

Come home. Eat dinner. Work on gigs more.

Watch random stupid funny stuff on youtube.

Go to sleep.

Yup, a lot of Fiverring going on everyday.
Minus that from my routine, there’s a pretty big space there. How weird.

I guess I have more time youtubing then, hahaha.


That’s a familiar feeling… :slight_smile:

How empty my day feels when there’s not much going on at work.

If it’s any consolation I am too experiencing an unprecedented drop in sales/inquiries.

In fact this February is the worst month for me by far in the past 2 years. Lowest revenue EVA! :slight_smile:

But I try to focus on other things:

-creating a couple on new gigs
-personal projects to ensure growth
-family time! :slight_smile:

I don’t know about that, I am very low in the search results, but am getting big orders, mix of old and new clients, booked for next 30 days. I just don’t understand how this works any more. Won’t think too much about it, if I have work to do, will do it, if not, will exercise and read books on my Kindle. The last time I did that was 3 years ago…


You shouldn’t care about these things, Fiverr is just a hobby for you, just enjoy your free time.

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I noticed one of my gigs disappeared off the face of the earth, and my best selling gigs are 5-6 positions lower each.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get orders, basic packages and big ticket items as well.

It’s just that this month marked an all time low number of sales. Like back when I was level 2 with 3 active gigs low. :slight_smile:

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I noticed. Few Seller groups are active on fiverr. Who is cheating / bypassing Whole fiverr search. Don’t know what the method are. But When you will go to search at fiverr by any keyword or by category. You’ll notice - There is lots of gigs are coming in search. Who have 1-5 feedback rating and level 1 seller or newbie seller. Something going wrong. Fiverr must care about that?

Maybe it’s just a latest fiverr algorithm “optimization” that boosts newer accounts in order to keep results fresh?

Why do you say that people are cheating their way to the top?

If people actually had figured out how Fiverr’s SERP works, we would know by now. It would have been obvious.

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If all newbie seller gigs do come in search only and old seller - who’s contributing their earning with fiverr. If old seller gigs goes down in search every day. - They will not get any orders -

Older and newbie seller should get equal opportunity?

I sure will be enjoying my free time for the next 2 days :slight_smile:
I’m sure I’ll start whining ( hopefully that won’t happen) IF I don’t get orders for 2 weeks

But for now…
Time to binge watch youtube clips!!!

I wanna watch some horror games walkthroughs.
I don’t have the guts to play horror games, but I like to watch the walk throughs!!


Yeah, not having Fiverr sales can be odd. I have just had my driest spell for a long time, no Fiverr orders in 3 days and then today I woke up and have 3 orders, 2 inquiries from regulars who will order later today and a promising large project quote.

I would love to say I did some magical SEO or fantastic promotional method that everyone could copy but I did absolutely nothing different to usual. It just happened that way - I might get nothing else for the rest of the week or I might have more than I can handle.


What makes you think you are going to get any free time the next two days? A flood gate could open up - like Eoin just said.

You may end up saying a four letter word because of so much work! If I were you, I’d go get some venti caffeine from Starbucks, just in case, to stay awake!


Ohayo @zeus777-san, as they said, you may get very busy anytime. So forget about not getting orders for three days and enjoy free time.
Good luck and happy YouTubing :wink:

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When Jan started, I got 5 video orders in a single day.
I was booked for another 10 days.
When these orders were about to be completed, I got another 4 video orders along with 2 3D orders.
I was out of this world. All I was seeing is work and the thing everyone love tagged with this work.
Suddenly, after 20th of Jan, Everything dried up for about 10-15 days.
Feb was quite dried up in term of orders. March started nicely with 5 orders in my bucket. I completed all of them by 5th. Didn’t get any for another 20 days. Finally, a ray of hope and got two/three, after 25th. The video gig is facing the worst season with just 2 orders in past thirty days.

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I think the algorithm is forever ‘jumpy’. Since I signed up in November, every month was better than the last. Well, until MARCH. The month of March tried trampling on my orders, started off very slow (which is not unusual), and became even slower (very unusual). I simply ran back to the BR section, but I’ve become really picky in that section too and that doesn’t help my case. And should I add I’ve gotten about 3 cancellations in this month alone, after having zero since startup.

Anyway, I got my largest order so far a few days ago on a gig I just created thanks to the slow sales. What can I say? Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea, afterall.

Talking of strange, I got a buyer who placed an order without filling out any of the CUMPULSORY requirements. How was the timer able to start counting without that? I’m still seriously baffled. All my requirements are compulsory. He did not even put all those “requirements coming soon” or “as discussed in inbox” kind of responses. And he has not responded to any of my queries since. Oh well, maybe I’m just paranoid!


Hm, I had one order too which shouldn´t have gotten through, the compulsory requirement not met, maybe a bug, maybe I should better check the requirements pages, wouldn´t be the first time some slider thingie reset itself.

Else, yes, either it all is very random, or it´s a Murphy’s Law, nobody with an order for days, and then everyone on the same day.


To everyone here, don’t get stressed, stop worrying about the algorithm. If you get orders, do them. If you don’t, do something else, set up new gigs, look at BR, and try advertising on select online forums specific to your niche. I have never been as low on the search results as I have been since the last 2-3 months. Right now I am at my lowest. But the last 2-3 months have been my best in terms of earnings. Point is, nobody knows how this works. Just do your best with every order, that’s all you can do.


Wow, I thought you were going to take a break from the forum. That might have been the quickest break ever. :beers:


Well, I guess my “break” is over, since last night I got an order and I need to draw 8 images, hahaha.

Time to get more coffee! :smiley:


Be careful what you wish for. Here is your :coffee: and now go to work :grin:


Awweee, thank you!

*sips coffee *

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