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So the blind review thing...are we done?

I’ve been obsessed with reading/chiming into blind review discussion this week.

Now that we’re all discussing the best course of action to deal with this ridiculous new reviewing system, I’m left wondering: Is Fiverr actually going to keep it this way? Surely…surely…this isn’t going to stick around, when CLEARLY it was a bad idea.

It looks unprofessional from a potential buyer standpoint, it makes for a weird final exchange between buyer and seller, and it makes closing an order awkward, anxiety-ridden, and uncomfortable. It strips sellers of their ability to defend themselves from the terrible buyers.

Obviously, everything I’ve said has been discussed at length in other posts.

That being said, I can’t wrap my mind around it. If this lasts more than a few more days, I cannot wrap my mind around it. This needs to be reversed immediately. It’s that bad.

When needless layout changes, etc. are made, that’s one thing - it can be annoying, then you get used to it. But this is so different. I will never be OK with it. I will never not be annoyed by it if it doesn’t change back. All it does is make sellers look less personal and professional on their pages and potentially create weird, sometimes embarrassing/damaging public interactions, and more-easily-executed blackmail situations.

Please, Fiverr: You’re great for a lot of reasons, but this was a poor decision that needs to be reversed (before I lose my mind trying to figure out why it hasn’t been reversed yet).