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So the Buyer requests filter is completely broken?

Do you see a pattern here :slight_smile:



1 person, 5 different accounts? :eyes:

That’s outrageous!

Or did the copycats reach the BR area, too? :smirk:

No idea what’s going on. It started yesterday and at first I thought it’s just a temporary glitch, but it doesn’t look like it.

PS. It took 4 hours last time for me to post my request when I needed it urgently.
Apparently I’m special and go through a different screening process :smiley:


Genuine requests are indeed a rarity these days, hence the special treatment :thinking:

It’s like Fiverr is curious how that could happen, they must party because of it, hence the 4 hours.


LOL :smiley:
I feel so special indeed.

And where is the easy reporting system?
Almost 200 votes, which other features has received so many in this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this could be an interesting experiment.
How many "?"s gets the most responses?
Does saying “thank you” make any difference?
How casual can you be in a photo and get results or do people like boats more?


I should have used my 10 offers and invited them to this thread. We could have probably received some valuable stats :wink:

I did send it to CS, so let’s see what’s their comment


I have a picture of row boats and beautiful Lake McDonald in Glacier Park on one of my gigs. So far no sales on that gig. Maybe people don’t like boats more? :confused: But at least it is my own picture.


Damn dude! I’v been seeing tons of sellers on the BR though too. WTF? Hopefully that update will fix it! :smiley:

Response from customer service :disappointed:
I figured I’ll get a template response. That’s why I don’t bother to report spam in BR section. It took me longer to write them a message than CS to send me this template.



I saw this kind of issues more than 100 times, every i click on buyer request and i saw a branch of spamming seller post.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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I’m used to the regular spam, but today it was really odd to see 5 requests in a row with the same wording. I haven’t seen that for my category before and I’ve been on Fiverr for a couple of years now. It seems to be trending in the wrong direction.

This is really getting annoying can’t Fiverr ban these accounts?

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Please help me! Why don’t I find any buyer request?

It might just be there are no current requests in your category/subcategory. If so, refresh the page (Ctrl F5) every so often or try again at another time. You could also create more gigs in different categories.

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I wonder if they are working on the buyer request reporting system that has been asked for. Or maybe the text such as “give me a job” (and the similar wording) will be added to the current buyer request filter. Maybe there is a filter in place but it just didn’t have the phrases specified. I assume they will also check if it’s all the same person (with 5 separate accounts). They could also (if it doesn’t already) add in a check for identical/almost identical requests posted at almost the exact same date & time by different accounts which may indicate that it is multiple accounts held by the same user or similar issue.

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Many Many Thanks for you