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So this is how buyers fooling in buyer request

Just yesterday I came across a job post where the buyer puts a short url link saying check here for more details, as it was something so I checked it and to my surprise it was that sellers gig. I just don’t understand what they will get by doing this ? Does fiverr counts this as a click and increases the stats ?
I reported the seller account for misleading but seriously sellers stop doing these silly tricks and try to find a genuine way of earning from this platform.
I being seller myself got level 2 badge twice and lost, things went up and down with my profile but I never did false tricks to get my profile up in rankings.
I hope fiverr should make a vetting process for approval of those requests, some kind of filters or checks are required before submitting job post.


This is a common occurrence, involving many sellers with them

We have nothing to do. this is a stupid seller.