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So this is kinda funny

I wandered into a thread where everyone was praising and gushing over a seller who had his gig deleted for racist behavior. I suggested that perhaps it is not appropriate to do so, and my post was flagged.

I have officially now seen everything.

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We are not supposed to talk about this, flagging. Just a heads up since you didn’t know.

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For the record, not 'every’ user was praising or gushing over that seller. As for the flag or flags, it’s a touchy subject! Also, most of it was OT anyway, as the topic was about denied gigs, but that subject is always pointed out, people will never forget what happened.


Don’t worry, one day you might have as many flags as me and be able to start learning semaphore.

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Probably using that phrase is not the best thing to bring up in the forum.

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I guess I’ll add it to a long list of things we can’t discuss. But to be fair, there was a long thread defending them, which was not flagged or removed by mods. The instant I suggested that maybe their idea was not so good. Poof I was hit like JFK in Dealey Plaza.

You have a way of bringing up incendiary phrases. I don’t mind just saying that might be what is the problem on the forum.

All I did was show them for what they did.

It’s like the giphy of the car running over someone.

I think we know how you feel about them.
Don’t take it personally though, the mods are only doing their jobs!

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What if I just claim that I had no idea what it meant? :grinning:

That doesn’t work. …

I think the mods are great. They have to react to flags. But it is starting to feel like a safe space at Berkeley here.

It’s much better now than it was at first.

LOL… Blame it on the sticky fingers!

You like to call them :snowflake:s

Ice, ice baby…

I don’t think you can say that, unless you can tell me with absolute certainty that you know what’s in their hearts and minds.

I’m gonna have to flag that. I am offended. Where is my therapy hamster?

You say, my way


Workout time.


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That reminds me of Fluffy, my adorable little Hamster that I was delighted to have had as a pet for several months until she had health problems. (She ended up going to a home that takes care of these animals and I’m thankful she wasn’t put down)