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So this is the new Forum


Well, I promised myself that I was staying away from here for a while but och well, you guys are a bit addictive. In fact, I now understand why Writer can’t last days forum radio silence before deciding that Modi has done something mindbogglingly fantastic which the Fiverr-verse needs to know about.

Anyway, nice new set up. Forgive me, though, if I seem unsure at first about all the new bells and whistles. Also, thanks to Eoin and Writer for asking after me. Also, Eoin, yes, I would be happy to help you with whatever that project was you messaged me about this morning. Don’t place an order, just PM me the details and I’ll do it FOC as long as you can give me a week or so. I was in an off mood this morning due to being a bit of an invalid at present and angry with the world in general just like any good Englishman should be before their first coffee and shot of morphine.

As for why I’m an invalid at present. I had a bit of an epic night out a few days ago, saw a bright light in the sky and woke up at 5am on my kitchen floor with a very irregular looking left foot. Crawling to the bathroom to relieve myself and look for wherever I had deposited my jeans (and cigarettes), I then realized that my left foot was quite obviously broken.

Of course, naturally, I decided to go with the Neanderthal side of me and simply wait for it to fix itself. However, between then and now not only have I discovered that my version of a light in the sky differs substantially from the reality of me daring a fat man in an SUV to run over my foot as a drunken joke, but also that my foot is actually very badly broken and will require surgery to fix.

The lesson to be learned? In future always attend Emmaki’s on Fiverr Forum parties rather than real world parties where you might end up playing games of chicken that you can’t win with fat men in SUV’s.

Now I’m not actually going to have surgery. I can’t afford it and I can hobble around just fine at the moment providing I have my morning, lunch, and evening tramaol. Besides, I’ve broken so many bones over the years and let them heal their own way, that a full body xray would probably make your average MD say three hail Mary’s.

I must admit, though, I do wish I had my old foot back again.

As for Fiverry things, sales are down but I’m loving it (for now). I have two dogs at the mo, one which I am loving proving the vet wrong every day with, and another which just loves me like the stupid fool we both know I both am.

In this case, Merry Christmas Fiverry people. Life will be good, as long as you just roll with it and don’t get too reliant on booze or opates like I have over the past few days.

My love, Andy


You’ll regret not getting that foot seen to, my son. But welcome back. And attend my relatively safe forum parties in the future!


Seriously though, get that foot checked out. I am not a foot doctor, but even a hairline fracture can cause sepsis and all kinds of other untold nastiness–you really need to be on a course of antibiotics to avoid the things that do that thing. In the meantime, get yourself a zimmer frame (old people walking thing that isn’t a stick for non-Brits) and avoid pressure.

SOURCE: my neighbor “fell over” back on his way from the bar last winter and broke his foot and was much like you, so I asked our local doctor and she came and forced him to do all this. In any case, he got a cast and clacked around noisily downstairs for weeks afterwards.

I was happy for the zimmer frame when I awkwardly stumbled down a crack in the road later on. They’re so cool. But at least go and get it checked out. I didn’t either, admittedly, but that’s not the point! (it got better after 3 days and I insisted it was a weird foot muscle thing instead.)


So glad to see you back, Andy! Very sorry to hear about the foot! If it helps any, I ignored doctor’s advice on a broken shoulder 25 years ago and I still don’t regret not going for surgery. Yes, good on having it checked and keeping it still and not doing any more parties for a while. I broken quite a few bones too and with the shoulder I broke the collarbone in 3 places and separated the shoulder, then re-broke it 5 days later by falling off of a different horse. I didn’t do surgery as recommended, but did do the other care they recommended. It gives me some arthritis pain now on rainy days and hangs a bit odd, but I bet it would have after surgery too!

Hang in there and hang out with the gang here! It wasn’t complete without you. I am sure Writer and Eoin and everyone else will be so happy to see you back. Besides, we need help complaining about what’s wrong with things! Good luck with your gigs and hope your coming new year is better than your present old one! :ribbon:


I keep a “zimmer frame” (a walker in the U.S.) around at all times. Though right now I happily do not need it to walk, mine has wheels with handbrakes and a seat that can hold a big man if necessary. It is excellent to move groceries or firewood from the garage into the house when no one here needs it to walk or take breaks in long lines. Love that thing. I vote that Andy should get one even if he only uses it for excellent utilitarian purposes. You can also use it when drunk to appear not so drunk and just pretend you have a sore knee.


I’ve broke the same foot on previous parties. No need to worry. We’re hard us Northerners. The key is to keep going as usual. That and keep away from appalling whiskey. It’s always the blended garbage that makes me see triple.

As for sepsis, no worries there, I’m on antibiotics as well as tramadol but to be honest I’m taking more of the tramadol. I’ve healed broken ribs and dislocated shoulders myself in the past so this is just an inconvenience really. I don’t mean to sound like a hard man but for me if you still have full mobility your fine. I just wish I had a dog walker as my boys don’t really get this new system of having to pee in the bathroom, and I feel a wee bit bad for them.


Sounds like an opportunity for a Maltese meksell re: dog walking! Or maybe that other network which I can’t remember the name of… it came up at the same time Fiverr did, only it was more geared towards local handyman sort of jobs.

I must admit, I’ve never broken any bones (knowingly), so I am well 'ard. But as a recent FOF (ahem Upped Foot) victim, I can attest to the tiresome nature of mobility.


Thank’s Font. Yes, I think you know that I don’t go with standard medical practice on things. Also, sorry for being absent but you know, life and things just suprise you sometimes and you end up never knowing what to make of things.


Oh, mine’s just a basic model like you’d buy for a much-hated stepmother. Well, my neighbor’s is–he didn’t care for it much so it’s now collecting dust on the shared balcony should anyone else need it. I did mention to him that it would be a nice accessory if he went to the bar in the summer and wanted to attract ladies who wanted to look after him–in more ways than one. He gave me a look.

Drunk people basically walk like people with broken foots, so I second your secondment. Also, you might pull some birds innit.


Good to see you back man!
Not gonna lie, I was a little concerned about your message this morning but have also heard that personal conversations are being flagged/frowned upon by Fiverr so thought I would give it a few days to see if you did get back in touch re the order. I don’t want a free order, it is for a commercial interest despite the content being “personal” in nature, I’ll place an order.
Anyway, the new forum is a huge step up in usability so it may be good while you are in recovery, I cant wait to hear @writer99025’s reaction to your return!


I suggest writer express himself at Cy’s return via the medium of GIF. It could even be a cricket-related howzat fist pumping GIF. Go wild, writer!


Ouch that stinks :head_bandage: I am very sorry to hear about your foot but so happy to see you back.

@Emmaki it’s time for you to pack your bags, I am sure he needs a nurse and a dog walker :blush:

You probably don’t want to hear it but I think you should at least get it checked out . Anyways, I don’t want to sound like mother here but sincerely wishing you a speedy recovery!


No problem, Andy. I fully understand life throwing bombs at you. I’ve been a victim many a time! It has been tough to communicate easily in the past little while, the old forum was growing very difficult to use and as Eoin mentions in his comment, inbox messages have been getting flagged at the tiniest things. I think those communication difficulties should be much better now. This forum works (yay!) and it has its own messaging system although I’m not sure yet how it will go with the forum PM’s. It also has the ability to invite people to posts by Fiverr username.

That all makes it SO much easier to hang with our friends and colleagues without other measures and it’s important since we freelancers often end up somewhat isolated. Thanks for responding and don’t give anything a worry. Nothing has changed for me. :slight_smile: Fiverr is changing fast on the other hand, so at least now we have a place to talk and keep rolling with the punches (or broken feet!)


@emmaki I third your second and up the ante by an innit.


aiight bruv, it’s a ting now then yeah?


Well first, come on, me and Writer are just friends. That said, if he wanted to dog walk, awesome. Writer, you get a room, free (wired) Internet and as many onion bhaji’s as you like. I don’t mean to sound racist, but that’s really the only Indian thing I can cook, aside from a good curry now and again as long as it’s super spicy.


Ok, am I doing something wrong when it comes to replying to people? I feel like I just did a huge faux pas


I make an awesome korma with the help of my friend Patak, who now sells not one, but two of the most boring sauces in the range here in not-so-sunny Greece! I also found a really dusty out of date box of poppadoms in a supermarket here once. Surely Malta has stuff like this?

You should have writer bring one of his domestic help, that way you can enjoy the excellent food and joys of other people dog walking. Writer was thinking of a vacation not so long ago, so I can see this working. I’ll come along and antagonize the pair of you if it does–but we’ll all have to do an island stakeout to avoid IP violations and such.

BTW the reply is different here-- the big green reply at the bottom is @all, and individual replies is at the bottom right of (whoever’s) message box. Also, new posts all go to the bottom anyway. Also, you have like 10 posts as a first day users so don’t be surprised if you get locked out for 24 hours (although @fonthaunt may have more detailed information on that front)


Ok, so here is the thing.
@cyaxrex goes missing for a while…
@capitalquality goes missing for a while…
cyaxrex comes back
capitalquality comes back roughly 5 mins later.
That is all…


And in the meantime we both assassinated JFK…