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So, this is the state of things

So, after a previous post I made calling attention to a pretty serious flaw in the system was simply deleted with no warning (even though all the users were basically agreeing with me and I wasn’t being offensive or breaking any terms of service), I got the idea of, for the first time, searching for “fiverr reviews” on google. This is what I got:

That’s not just some site, that’s an established, trusted review website. This is not good, people. Clearly something isn’t working, it’s just not possible that pretty much all the users in the site (both buyers and sellers) are dishonest / rude / talentless people. It’s also not likely that all those reviews are sock puppets or agents posting on purpose to tarnish Fiverr’s reputation.

This is awful for all of us - who wants to work in a place with awful reviews? Would you buy anything from a seller with an average review of 1 star? Come on, clearly we can’t all be at fault here, if anything it should at least follow a normal distribution. Something is very, very wrong with this entire ecosystem.


Everyone complains about Fiverr but no one is willing to stop working here. :joy:
Just chill and keep making money!


A lot of people seem willing, I guess you haven’t been reading the forums. We are talking about serious, talented, committed, professional sellers with years of experience that are just tired and looking to move on. And when the entire world looks at your “workplace” as untrustworthy you’ll eventually stop making money. And when those sellers I mentioned start leaving, it will be a downward spiral of ever scammier sellers and buyers until there is nothing left.

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This thread is so getting nuked :laughing:

It looks to me like a site for people who love complaining. I checked for ASUS because I was curious what people stated about other companies. I love ASUS and own 3 laptops (an Intel i3, i5, and an i7) and 2 Chromebooks, all from ASUS. They’re all great products and serve me well since I bought my first one in 2015.

Yet, the ASUS score on the site is VERY bad
TrustScore 1.1 out of 10

I’ll trust my own experience.

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