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So, this just happened

So, a guy just messaged me and asked to check a dropbox link to a file he wanted me to translate, when I got there it said “Hello, Do you want $5 review with small easy work?
Can we discuss in (chat app name) ?”

That sounds quite fishy to me, so I said that I count help him.

I just created a new gig today, so he may have seen that one and tried to offer me some type of “deal”, or maybe he just didn’t know how things work over there, I don’t know, but my gut feeling told me to get out of that one, so I did.

What should I do, should I report him?


Yeah, selling positive reviews is definitely not copacetic with Fiverr’s TOS.

Oh well, i did it, after all, if nothing else, he did try to comunicate outside fiverr…

Hope this is aninymous, i hate conflict.


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