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So tired of these bad sellers

Hello. Just wanna rant how hard it can be to find honest sellers sometimes. I’ve tried several times to buy good anime character illustrations. The first one tried to sell me recolored well known anime characters. The second claimed slow internet and only uploaded two imaged out of 4 and wanted me accept the completed order. I refused and the other two never came through so I canceled, then within minutes of canceling two of the images I ordered showed up on his blog, 2 not 4. One tried to pass off crappy auto generated characters that looked nothing like my long detailed description. All 3 where level 2 sellers. Do these tricks work on here? I mean I’d have to be a brain dead monkey to fall for this…
Here’s hoping 4th time is the charm.

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Ah, I know how that feels >_< The only reason I started working on Fiverr was cause I asked a seller to write me some “good” wink wink fanfics. Turned out he just sent me a fanfic by copying it from which pretty much led to me start writing myself and ended up becoming a seller here.


ssj1236, so you noticed that you as a novice can do a better job then the “Professionals” on Fiverr? That made me laugh, good for you man.
I have often thought about that. I’m pretty good with photoshopping and could probably do good touch-ups and maybe logos… But not being a pro I feel like I would just be a pretender.

I have a couple gig but no one really hires IT support or server admins on fiverr.

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Yeah, it was basically something I was comfortable starting out with but that was over 2 years ago. I still do have people write fanfics for me just from a more unique place. if you want some nice anime fan art made I can point you in the right direction. And don’t worry, we all feel the same way starting out. As a seller you need to give it 3 months at the very least to see some decent income.

I engaged an illustrator already now. She seems to have a good social media presence in the art blog sphere. Fingers crossed.

Got to say fiver is amazing though. I’ve gotten some very good gigs done that I’m so super happy about. I have one guy I buy oc music from and the production value is through the roof for 30$ AND he does revisions happily. And I got a guy doing photoshop work that only ever charges me 10$ even for big jobs. I feel bad because I’m kind of making out like a bandit on that one.

I am so sorry you have had horrible experiences. I don’t know many illustrators, but I have talked with a few for childrens books and they seemed pretty honest. I am hoping your 4th time is a charm too! Because it’s the bad sellers like that who make the honest sellers here look bad too. It’s so frustrating sometimes.

The advice I try to give any buyer who has had a bad experience before and wants to find a decent seller, is to message them before ordering and ask them a question or two. Like if they are available, or something about your idea. That way you can kind of start up a conversation and decide if they are someone you’d like to invest with. I don’t know if you are already doing that, but I thought I might just say it anyways. :slight_smile:


Yep, thanks for the advise. Thats what I did with the first two and now this fourth one.

I’m happy to commend an anime illustrator if the current one does not work out for you (It’s not me).

Throw the guy some tips now and then, if you don’t already. The good sellers need to be encouraged and rewarded when they do great work and a personal review and tip is the best way to do that.


Ya I should, he’ll pobably see this.

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I am Nada and I am an Illustrator- seller on Fiver. Working since October. I’m working responsibly and take job seriously.
I’m disappointed to here your story, because I know the sellers-illustrators, who doing their job very good on Fiver. Perhaps you have not found the right ones :slight_smile:
I definetly think that the messageing is the first step that you have to do. When buyer is message me about the job, I am pretty sure with whom I dealing with. The buyer has everything about me, on the other hand I have nothing about my buyer exept from where he is. Very rare I find the seller on Fiver that need my help. Of course, most customers were honest and decent people.
That’s from my petspective.
Kind regards.


…Did I hear the word "anime?"
Well, allow me to hop in then!

I’m not sure if my style fits what you have in mind, but do let me know if you are interested.
If I can say so myself, I’m doing pretty OK here offering anime style chibi illustrations ( sometimes non-chibis too, but that’s rare), so message me anytime.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience, being a seller here those fake people makes me…
well, I turn angry and green and big and start breaking stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder why you never found me. I’ve done a ton of anime illustrations for the past year and so far have had good reviews. I usually send sketches before I finalize as well.

Hi zeus , I liked your illustrations there … That smiling fluffy cat in your gig’s thumbnail brings warmth to the heart :slight_smile:


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Awweee~~, thank you! :blush:
maybe you figured it out already, I like cats hahaha

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So as many Japanese I guess, I once heard that there is a coffee specialized for cats where their owners can leave cats there for a while until they take them back :slight_smile:

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