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So unhappy with my two sellers

I have two open gigs with two sellers right now and they have been so much harder than they should be. They’re simple requests – set up gsuite for domains I own.

The first seller changed my nameservers from my hosting company (hostgator) back to the company from which I buy my domains (godaddy). I should have known right then that he had no idea what he was doing and cancelled right then. He did create an account but (a) it is not a proper g-suite admin account and (b) he put in his information as a reseller and I have to contact him to release that so I can pay google on my own.

The second gig had no communication with me until he marked the account as ready. However, when I checked the message I found that he was asking for more information to finish the gig. I had to request a revision. This doesn’t seem right. If he needs more information to complete the gig, shouldn’t it be a regular message and not marked as ready?

I’m so frustrated. I wish I had gone ahead and set them up myself. It would have been less of a struggle. What can I do at this point?


Look for a reputable seller with many 5 star reviews.

Yes the delivery should not be him asking for more information to complete the gig.

Request to cancel both gigs from the sellers. If they decline or don’t answer contact customer support and tell them what happened with each one. Put in the order numbers.

Just give the sellers a day to respond to your request to cancel. Don’t wait too long.
Don’t accept any excuses from them or anything other than cancellations.

I am so sorry this happened to you!