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So, we don't get to see the customers?

There are no jobs shown on Fiverr? Just ads from people hoping to get hired?
Is there any place for us to initiate contact with a potential employer?

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Yes, that is how Fiverr works. Fiverr is a freelance services website that follows a marketplace format. Freelance sellers offer their services, and buyers who need those services can hire them directly. And it’s a brilliant service model compared to the other freelance sites!

The only place on Fiverr that you can connect directly with “a potential employer” is within the “Buyer Requests” section, available from your “Selling” dropdown navigation link at the top of your seller/dashboard page(s).

Sorry, but I don’t know where a Selling dropdown navigation link is, or where my seller/dashboard page is.

When you are signed into Fiverr, you will see a “Selling” link at the top of any page. Click that link, and from the drop-down, select, “Buyer Requests”.

In addition to what @jonbaas said, if you wish to see any requests from buyers, you’ll have to create gigs first. If you have no active gigs, nobody can contact you and nobody can hire you.

Reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service might help, too; it’s not some boring legal text, in the Terms you’ll find out how Fiverr works.


The first requirement is an active gig.A gig is playing as mediator to showcase your unique talent and hence your profile will be getting some requests.