So weird that 2 low rates were removed


I bought a seller’s gig twice but the seller provided poor quality delivery,so I have to leave a 1-star rate .
that was 5 days ago
today,I checked the sellers profile and the gig I rated,but found my low rate messages were removed.

as far as I know, low rates are not able to be removed unless the buyer would like to change ,right?

have you met this kind of weird thing?


Perhaps the seller objected to Fiverr, and Fiverr CS removed the low reviews. They usually do not do this, but they have been known to make an exception if the wording of the buyer review was inappropriate. Were you unnecessarily harsh and unkind in the reviews you wrote?


no ,I did not write anything offense ,I only told what I experienced ,I should have screenshotted what I typed …
so unbelievable that the truth I typed and experienced can be removed…


It isn’t very typical for Fiverr to remove reviews. They apparently thought they had a good reason. I wouldn’t worry about it. If a seller doesn’t do well consistently, more buyers will leave remarks.


Then I don’t know what to tell you. Clearly Fiverr saw a reason to make an exception and remove both of your low reviews. Ultimately, however, it no longer needs to matter to you, since the orders are complete. There is nothing more that you can do.


I have completed over 100 orders with fiverr never saw any bad reviews of mine removed without bad language or insults, not saying you did any of that.


what’s more ,cause of curious,I check the sellers profile ,there is not even a 4 star within a whole year…!
all of them are 5 stars.!


just wonder ,is it some special way to delete lower star than 5?


well ,just curious about it, cause I 've never met this kind of thing before :slight_smile:


yeah ,I copied same message on 2 1-star reviews,maybe that is why …
thank you so much for your message! :slight_smile:


That might have been the reason.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


I found those 2 orders need to be rated again…so weird
they ARE completed but no rate now…
I had already rated them and seller knew it


I once removed a unfair review from my gig, but the seller could still add a review. I contacted the cs, they said they will only remove twice, if the buyer adds a review for the third time then they won’t remove it again.


ohh,I understand!!
thank you for your sharing!:blush: