So what about the new response rate?


I see we are getting a new rating on our responsiveness starting May 4th. Do I always have to have the last word? What if my client sends me a message saying “thank you”. If I don’t respond will it count against me. I guess I will have to respond with something like "No…Thank You!"

What if my buyer is trying to have the last word, as to not let his account have a low response rate? These meaningless conversations could go on and on.


I guess response counts when you clear the notifications. So if you have any number in ‘notifications’ tab you must click on it and check it to be ‘read’. I don’t know if it works, but I hope so!


And what about whether or not we respond to spam messages? Are they going to be filtered into our response rate, too? It would be great if they would release a Windows phone app before they implemented this, so my response doesn’t just rely on how fast I can get back to my computer to answer messages.


Reply to @sara1984: Agreed!


Keep Saying Thank You to each other :smiley:


I get so many bulk messages each day. When reading these messages, I can tell the buyer hasn’t read my gig and is just sending them to everybody to see who replies with the lowest rates. It’s going to be a nightmare replying to all of those. There really are a LOT.


Reply to @sara1984:

Couldnt agree more Sara, that would be terrible


We could reply to each email that you would normally ignore with “Thank you for using Fiverr” or “Welcome to Fiverr”.


Reply to @sara1984: You’re Right! I would just respond with a copy/paste list of questions that made it obvious that you didn’t read their message to you.


Reply to @sara1984: I suppose this is why they just released the feature for “quick answers” or whatever it’s called. You could make one that asks for more info and one that politely says “sorry, this isn’t what my gig is for.”


Came here with the same thoughts on the “thank you” type messages and spam messages as well. I was shocked to see how low my response rating is now that they’ve implemented this new thing, considering it should without a doubt be at 100%. I leave nothing unanswered, (even spam!) just so it doesn’t effect my rate negatively. So I can only assume this new rating is from “unanswered” banter I have with some current clients. This is pretty ridiculous…it doesn’t seem to be visible to buyers though, or am I wrong?


And speaking of quick response, did anybody else get excited and think it was an out of office auto replier? lol what a bummer.


Reply to @candice23: I don’t know whether this new system is accurate or not - perhaps it’s a glitch but a few hours ago my response rate was at 100%, then I received 2 messages which I replied to within two hours, but the response rate has now dropped down to %75. I also leave nothing unanswered. Hope they work it out soon! And yes, the rate isn’t visible to buyers. :slight_smile: