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So, what do we think of the new layout of profiles?

Fiverr changed today what our profiles look like, and I for one quite like it. It’s clean and user friendly! What are your thoughts and why?

meh, this is the second time its cropped up and it’s exactly the same hot mess it was before.

You’ve been at this much longer than me, so I suppose I’m still in my Fiverr honeymoon stage. What is it you dont like about it?

I don’t think it is better than before…in fact the previous one was more user friendly…

Eh, I honestly don’t mind it. I would definitely go as far to say it’s not quite as simplified as before, but I’m sure after a little while people will get used to it. I can’t see it going anywhere, unless there’s some huge uproar about it; which seems just a tad too ridiculous to occur.

I like it better than the previous one. When I view it as a buyer there’s seller information on one side and gig-related information on the other, and it all fits nicely and looks much tidier than before.

I’m not quite happy about this last change, the images now are much smaller and unclear and in general I think the platform is getting more complicated and less user friendly!