So what do you think of the new Fiverr ad?


Fiverr just launched a new ad campaign, here’s the main video




It’s a good ad if the idea is to appeal to younger people…


But your personal opinion?


I’m old…


Stuff, piffle and nonsense! We’re the same age!


I don’t know, once you hit 35, you are practically middle-aged…


I’ll be 35 in less than a month. I doubt that I’m suddenly going to feel old. The only time I feel old is when I’m tutting at badly-behaved tourists, but that’s not age-related. That’s just decency.

Although that is a very middle aged person thing to say…


Yeah, I guess it’s about the mentality…someone like you will be young even at 60…me, I’ve been saving for my retirement/ old age since I was 30 :slight_smile:


You can save for retirement and old age and be young at heart, you know! But still, as you say it’s all in the mentality, not to mention formative experiences. How are your vacation plans going, for that matter? You know, the ones where you were going to take a proper vacation and visit other areas of India etc.

Boy, OP is going to be annoyed as this post as gone completely off-topic (but he can dine on a wealth of opinions in my link, so w/e).


Right now my focus is on exercise and getting fit…this is a great time to start working out seriously as I lost a lot of weight because I turned to a protein-based diet over the last 6 months. So have lost fat, now it’s time to build muscle.


Meanwhile, I am porking out at a fair rate of knots. Don’t forget to share before (fat) and after (sexy) photos when you’re all beefed up!


Yeah, will probably post a picture of myself in Jan 2018 :slight_smile: Maybe even write a Kindle book on it, lot of people seem to do that. May not get too many sales, but will give me some motivation.


Tempted to move the above comments to a new topic called “Age is just a number”.


Oh, hark at Eoin and his superpowers.

I’m sure you can plump the twee depths of naffness for an even better title though. Perhaps visit your local cardshop and find the worst possible card (poem mandatory) and use their guff.


I think when it comes to you and @writer99025 the most I could muster would be a cheesy limerick.


Well my son told me the other day “it’s OK Mum - you’re just really old in the body, you’re not old in the mind”. I wasn’t sure whether to slap him or hug him :laughing:


As for the ad - I love it :grinning:


There was once a man from India
Who announced he’d fin-d-yer
But all that bluster was wasted
As soon as this fine young man tasted
the curries of his homeland india.

Gosh, that was crap. I’d have better finished it all off in the tasted line and then done the “that fine young x from y” finisher, but that would require effort.

@sue_mcl my nan was–and is–famous in my family for “puffing up like a bantam cock”. A bit like the Duracell bunny on speed if you wind her up enough.


35 is OLD! take it from an 18 year old