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When you are on the buying side but all of a sudden, the seller starts to rattle off extra fees, traveling costs, and other said fees in which the 5.OO gig turns quickly into a 30.00 + gig. Um… you know I did ask for a specific type of photo and such but I do believe the good unnamed mademoiselle has had her ego inflated a bit too high. Wow. I mean the first gig was top notch… but jeez… 30.oo? I can get a nice 5th of JD Honey whiskey for 30.00. lol…


Reply to @fayestap: I agree! It’s ASTRONOMICAL…! People always want something for nothing…it’s annoying.


Reply to @shortstories: I think all of you “short story writers” here are quite generous with your work and the pay you take undercuts your amazing talent. On that note, I think if buyers are going to gripe about pay…I’d tell them to go find someone else who’ll accept less…I’ll guarantee it will be quite difficult at best to find someone who will. Also, for the record…as a writer NEVER underestimate yourself and NEVER let anyone else do so with guilt trips and innuendos. You don’t have time for that…you’re too busy writing super fab stories! :slight_smile: Write on my dear…write on…


I would pay it, have my liver thank the seller for her outstanding work, and feel grateful that I was still getting such a tremendous bargain.


Was this person a new user? I may have done the same thing to a buyer recently, only it wasn’t because of an inflated ego or anything necessarily bad like that. When I first joined I made a gig writing short stories 1000 words for $5 I got a request for a 7000 word story for my first gig. I was excited about receiving my first gig so I gave the guy a sweet deal I charged him for 4 gigs instead of 7 well after putting a ridiculous amount of time into his story (well over 75 hours [sadly that isn’t an exaggeration]) he liked it and paid me an extra gig. I was still thankful that this guy chose me over all of the other authors on here but I knew I did more than $20 worth of work so I changed my gig. I changed it to 750 words for the first gig and 500 words for each gig after that.

The same guy messaged me after I made my changes, he wanted a 12000 word story. I informed him of the changes what would have cost $60 was now around $120. Since he had ordered from me before I told him I would only charge him $100 he declined but wished me the best of luck. He may think I was some sort of greedy jerk who was trying to take advantage of him. He didn’t know how much time I put into his first story, and I didn’t feel the need to bring it up either. I’m not saying this good unnamed mademoiselle was in the same position as me, but it may be possible.


If you want something good quality, you’re going to have to pay for it!

You commented on traveling costs- I’m not sure where you’re from but nobody in the USA is going to drive somewhere to complete a gig for only $5. Gas and time are costly :wink:


Ah — as that may be true, and I symtphaize… But you know, if you go all out that’s the seller’s deal. The fact is, if I ask you " Can you…" And if you say " Yes! Buy my gig!" And then after its bought you start rattling on extra fees that weren’t mentioned up front nor are listed as extra’s to imply such monetary needs ---- well should have thought about that ahead of time. Not that I won’t treat you well for services rendered — I tip all the time, even when the seller doesn’t have an option like that. All I have to say is if you want the full rate of something you are doing in a true retail sense, you may want to discuss that in an email and go the Paypal route — fiver is for discounted options. You have the freedom to say " Sorry! That’s too much to ask for his rate" and boom, case closed, no problem.


Reply to @mirenbaines: I have people send me messages with a long script all the time and I say yes, assuming they have read the directions that I charge $5 per 50 words. Most sellers have those charges in the directions. Read it :slight_smile:

alliemadison12 said: I have people send me messages with a long script all the time and I say yes, assuming they have read the directions that I charge $5 per 50 words.

I will sometimes make it clear how many gigs they are to buy for the amount of work they want doing. Or I state it's $5 for up to 400 words and each 400 words is another $5.
mirenbaines said: fiver is for discounted options

Fiverr is also a business for the sellers and we won't operate at a loss--where's the sense in that? If you don't like what the seller is asking for now, you have ever right to cancel and find a seller who will do it at a lower cost.

Were you clear about everything that you wanted in the message? I've had buyers who have added a few extra details once ordering my gig and then I've had to ask them to pay extra, explaining that those details (even small ones) change the whole thing and I didn't quote based on them.


Ehh — far fetched at best, if you are not even a seller at level 1 yet, and then you suddenly imply numerous extra charges after the fact when the order has been started, knowing full well what the project was — that’s baiting followed by false advertising. I found it entertaining really, its not a big deal. Of course I said " Yeah… thanks…but I’ll pass". See I’m not a low down seller or a buyer. Matter of fact, I considered it another well earned tip for the previous work and let them have an extra 5. Won’t bum me out too much, its good to help out a fellow artist when you can… its just the principle of baiting and switching that’s the issue. I hope the seller doesn’t pull that on someone else less patient, it won’t turn out the same way.


Reply to @mirenbaines: Gotcha. I thought it was a different situation. That’s not cool to not even be leveled and add multiple charges after agreeing to a project


Sellers can go few miles ahead to deliver and also adjust to some of the terms but buyers also have to understand that they are ordering gigs of amount 5 bucks. So if they are overexpecting things just because seller can deliver then they are being hard on that seller. It’s okay to expect from seller but some of the gigs for 5$ are charged way too high by professionals for voice recording, modelling and social media promotion. Just see how much people charge at fiverr compared to those per hour per task type of the sellers outside.


Reply to @ryuken: Are you serious? Do you know how much voiceover artists actually charge in the open market?

Most of the professionals I know, won’t step in front of the mic for less than $50, even if it’s one word. And that’s for a non union vocal talent working out of their own home. A 30 second commercial costs between $50-$150 (depending on where you’re at in the country). And that’s for a local business and a commercial that’s being aired only locally. For a national spot it can be up $2,000. And again those are non union prices. If you go to an agency and hire a union actor for a national 30 second commercial, you might be looking at $15,000 paid out over the course of the year. That’s not a celebrity voice, either.

$5 for any amount of quality voice work is a HUGE bargain.


All of this is well and dandy. If I had saw the said prices and stipulations beforehand and during the consultation process ( I never blindly order and then read), this would never have come up because I would never have ordered anything in the first place. I get full well what normal people of many talents usually get for x amount… and if someone wanted those street/industry rates…

I would guess this isn’t the greatest medium to find such lucrative jobs since I’m going to guess most that use this site are on shoe-string budgets. Its kind of like attempting to get a great sale on a 2012 Lambo at Uncle Joe’s House of 4 Wheeled Horrors next to the Meat Market District… its just not going to happen. Why I’m not even asking for studio grade — hell — I don’t care if someone uses a cheap Cannon Power Shot to make the picture I wanted. Don’t whip out that SLR on my behalf. I know full well the real rates of photography since I’m a armature photographer myself, it was merely a simple set up of which I just don’t have the time to go about getting someone locally to do so…since it seems when one hears " …needs model for…" everyone including the kitchen sink thinks their the next Vicky Secret’s Vixen.

Hats off to one’s professions, part time hobbies, and art. Just post the sticker shocker in the front window than suddenly bringing it up later on… used car salesmen tricks should be left on the lot with the plaid wearing guy and his empty Chinese take out box lying dead on his desk.


But… there is a neutral and polite ending to this tale — the good said seller got her extra 5.00 tip for the last gig that was completed ( Why mess up anyone’s estranged % meter when they really didn’t do anything wrong but attempt a higher profit? I won’t be silly and request a cancellation since the rules are highly stacked against sellers in that system) and was professionally told that current budgets could not meet current rates but thank you for the great services that were already given. The End. Everyone gets a green thumbs up — no worries. no mess.


Reply to @mirenbaines: Ok that’s a different story, I told the person the change in my gig in my reply message when he asked if I’d do another gig for him. The seller should have mentioned other costs before you purchased their gig.


Reply to @mbtilley: Well thankfully the other party in the situation was kind with his rejection.