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So What Now?

I made a gig today. So far, no clicks and nothing at all. I do not know what to do now with it.

What can I do to get people to check my gig out? I made my gig and I don’t know what to do from here.

Patience is key in anything we do in life. On fiverr you need to have tons of patience. I first got an order after days of sending requests on the Buyer Requests area. Speaking about that have you tried it? Also share your gig on social media, forums, message boards and what not!

I had a look at your profile. May I suggest you creating a few more gigs? In the same area but you know just spread it across. For example some sellers who design logos post gigs about retro style logos, pencil style logos, cartoon style logos, etc. You get what I’m saying? Diversify within your area of expertise.

Most importantly do it with a smile and nothing will go wrong. Good luck :slight_smile:

Also refer this post:

Well, getting involved in convos like this is a start. Sharing on facebook, twitter, IG etc… that helps too. Also, wheat ive noticed is that direct msg and custom gigs sell very well and if you go thrugh buyer requests and find ones with single digit offers and make an offer, u will get noticed more.

The hardest part of the freelance world is the freelance paradox: you need reviews to get orders an you need orders to get reviews and get noticed. All it takes is one person to order your first gig and it will go off from there:)

Make sure your gig is clear on what your gonna do, be honest and simple and informative. Give the buyer the best deal possible!