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So what will be the next step?


so i’m level 2 seller now , lol

it was great , but for the past 5 days i didn’t get any orders , i know that’s okay and i won’t get orders everyday , but u know it’s not cool , i’m i the only facing this ?

also guys so what’s the next step , like i want to earn more money , is there a way to take advantage of being a level 2 seller so i double my income or something like that ?

thanks everyone and have a great day

cheers , H


Every seller has ups and downs. You will need to learn how to adapt to this flow of orders. When orders are down, improve your gig, or market your services. Do something, though, never sit back and wait for more orders. That is NOT how you earn more orders. Be proactive – experiment, try new things.

The only way to earn more income, it to reach out to your target customers, and convince them to hire you. Level 2 does NOT instantly make you more successful. You still need to do the work to earn your customers, sales, and success.