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So what's the deal with the prevalent role of the illuminati in Gargoyles?

I was watching the show yesterday and was kind of surprised how many times they get mentioned or play the bad guys in episodes - I mean, it’s okay but also a little weird??? Funny how I don’t remember that from when I was a kid.


Are you talking about the Disney cartoon Gargoyles? If so, Illuminati references are kind of a thing for Disney overall.


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screams in confusion

Don’t scream. You’re asking about the Illuminati now. This means that your Disney programming has come full circle. :wink:

but why is is there?? WHO did this? I have so many questions.

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Maybe you should look at who is running the Disney organization for starters. :wink:


And the plot thickens! Now if only I could find the right emoji to put here.

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