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So where can I place links?

I’ve noticed that a lot of sellers have links on their product page, but these “links” do not actually show up as hyperlinks. (In other words, they are not clickable). Is there any way to make these links clickable?

If not, would the link be clickable if I placed it in my instructions rather than in my product description?

What about e-mails? Are links clickable when I include them in e-mails?

Hopefully they are clickable somewhere. Otherwise it’s hard to tell a buyer to “click here for an explanation…”

have you tried placing the http:// before hand? if they are links to samples they should work

Yes, and they don’t work. Maybe I needed to add HTML? Or maybe you need to make a certain number of sales first or something? Or maybe they require moderator approval?

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Reply to @kjblynx: This didn’t work for me either. Maybe because this is my first gig and they want to moderate the links?

Either that or my web browser is broken. Here’s the link to my gig. Three links, none hyperlinked.

Or maybe I need to include HTML? I didn’t include any HTML.


Hi and welcome. The gig description area does not allow hyperlinks, and it’s my understanding that the Off Fiverr links are not allowed. Currently the only exceptions are YouTube, Twitter, Flickr. The Off Fiverr links can compromise account status.

No you can’t,
You can’t put clickable link in gig description or instruction.
Also you can only put these type of links, listed here,