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So, who else believes in Karma?


This isn’t really Fiverr related… :smiley: Or is it? xD

I went to Japan with a $50 bill. Haven’t found a way to convert it and I haven’t bought anything close to that amount. I was sick of carrying it and wanted to use it! I hate cash…

Went to dinner with the husband. This waitress was so nice to me- made my order completely pregnancy friendly and she was all smiles! I had this idea to tip her the $50, which my husband thought was insane since our bill wasn’t even that much. I did it and forgot about it.

Three days later (today) I woke up to a stream of DING!'s from my iPhone, letting me know I had orders on my Fiverr gig. I rolled out of bed… to see that a buyer loved by gig so much she not only ordered 3 more, but she tipped me roughly 40 dollars!

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but I will definitely be trying to be nicer to people and more generous from now on. Seems like it is worth it. :slight_smile: Happy people make the world spin!


Wow… Congrats … I believe in KARMA :slight_smile:


yeah, I do too!


It’s just a coincidence… if you think for others rather than thinking for yourself only you will feel more relaxed and happy.


Not coincidence, you reap what you sow… great thing you did and now a great things happens to you!! =D>


Hehe, well, ‘coincidentally’ (or is it Karma…?) the next day, I was put on the front page of Fiverr and I have over 20 orders in queue now! I usually am lucky to get even four orders in 24 hours!

Be nice to people and give nice waitresses fatter tips. hehee


Yes, that’s the Karma. I believe in Karma very much.

Sharing a thought on this

" I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.

  • Sandra Bullock "


I believe in keep doing good and don’t expect a fruit for being good. Being good in itself is very peaceful. Anyway congrats mrspanda.