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So who is having a good month?

As much as I can feel their pain and understand their concern, I think the whole
“my sales are dropping”
“this is my worst month” posts are increasing. Maybe a bit too much.
Every business has good months and bad months, no exceptions.

I guess if anyone posted something like "Yeah~~, I’m having the BEST month this year, gigs are raining on me!!! HAHAHAHA!! " that person will get…I dunno, a lot of “tell me your secret” spam messages?? Or hate messages?

So just wondering out loud here… no need to brag or anything, but is anyone simply
having a “good month,” business wise?

Me? Yeah, it’s normal. Nothing fantastic or great. But good. Won’t complain.

It’s Friday night here in Japan, y’all have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


Let me put it this way; anything is better than nothing, so yeh it’s good. :slight_smile:


I’m thankful to be part of the Fiverr platform. Anything that comes my way :+1:


Every month is a good month providing that the Yakuza still haven’t managed to track me down.

Oh. Wait…


April has been the better of my first two months thus far. I’m grateful.


The month’s been great. Made over $2k already. Had an unpleasant experience with my bestselling gig which was taken down for a few days but I’m glad everything is back up online. Sales have been good ever since…

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The Yakuza normally stays away from foreigners/tourists, as far as I saw in a documentary.
You must be involved in some deep xxxx if they are after you.

And to answer OP’s question:

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True that. True that. :+1:

April is better than March was, so yes, it’s a good month for me. :smiley:

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You are assuming that I’m not Japanese.

Assumptions can be deadly when dealing with the Yakuza.


You got that right!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Just stay away from Shinjuku Kabukicho,you’ll be fine :wink:

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Just watch some video’s on the subject. Good to know where not to have a drink :slight_smile:
Tokyo is still on my bucket list though.