So who wants 20000+ twitter followers for just 5 bucks :D


Well i am kind of new to fiverr and i am loving it :smiley: so these days i am selling really cheap twitter followers and i am planning to launch few new gigs after few days [ Being a guitarist i will most probably teach give online guitar lessons :smiley: ] But for now for you guys i have 20000 twitter followers are going to stay forever :slight_smile:

Now the major problem i am facing is that i am a new seller so i am on level 0 :frowning: [Pretty sad for me] and most of the people prefer to place orders to top rated sellers :slight_smile:

So i just want you guys to try my services atleast one time :slight_smile: I am sure that you wont be disappointed and you will love it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading it all :slight_smile:


P.s - These followers are going to stay forever :slight_smile: