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So Who's Got the Magnet that draws in Buyers

Designer work hard and they work hard and they improve upon their profile and their rate and so on and so on.

I am fairly new here on Fiverr and never seem to have found the magic magnet of Fiverr to draw in the buyers.

Maybe by the time I do, I ll be over flooded with jobs.

So Buyers why don’t you give a someone a go. Purchase a gig for $5.00.

But before then, someone hand me that magnet.

All idea welcome.


@akoscreative I honestly don’t think there is a “magnet” and what works for some doesn’t for others. The closest thing you can probably get is what you may already know. Advertise skills you can really do well, use good gig descriptions and high quality original images. Your profile picture might attract more buyers if it was either a nice unique logo or a real photo of you but the avatar you have isn’t bad. Advertise your gigs on social media.

One of my first actions as a seller was to buy a gig from another new seller. I bought a gig to have my own profile advertised on their blog. I don’t know if it brought me any traffic, but I to me it’s kind of like a karma thing. Maybe if I help out another person I’ll receive help too. Finally, use buyer requests as much as you can. They aren’t easy and you have to try a lot of them to get a few results, but my first 5 sales came from buyer requests.

@fuzzyleon Hiya. This is just unsolicited feedback so feel entirely free to ignore it and assume I’m a nut. (I am a nut actually so it’s a good assumption.) I often look up profiles of people on the forums and once in a while I find a gig I like and buy from those sellers. My feedback to you, based entirely on personal perception, is about your “all hail” signature on your posts. It got my attention but instead of seeming funny, it came off to me as irritating and cocky and I realized that I would be very unlikely to buy from you. There are probably lots of people on the forums who do think it is funny and feel the opposite, so if it works for ya, I even encourage you to ignore my feedback. Still, I decided since I’m responding on the thread I’d offer a thought on it. I wish you the best and happy selling!