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So why do they?

I like Fiverr,like buying gigs on here,enjoy dealing with buyers.So sometimes a buyer can’t or won’t deliver for you on time.Brought a small gig due in 1 day, time being the main reason for buying, so 6 days a gone past and I cancelled the gig fiverr then gave him the seller 2 days to reply fair enough, got no reply time was down to 15 min,then for some reason more was added on, first another 30 mins,then an hour ,now its back out to 4 hours.SO why do they keep adding more time.? Its really annoying why? 2 days was the time given to reply,really pissed off!!!

I could be wrong, but I thought I read about someone having a similar issue, with the countdown clock continually adding time, or something like that. I believe it was a bug that the person ended up reporting to customer support to see about fixing. If you haven’t done so, you may want to do that. Click on any customer support link (including this one), then click ‘file a report’ in upper right corner. They can also help you with getting that order cancelled and getting your account credited.