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So why the hell is Fiverr not approving my gig requests

All I need is to find someone to add some likes to my FB page. Is that not allowed on Fiverr. Someone please educate me more.

i will like your page for free :slight_smile: lol

You guys are helping…

Great…you can like me here


Too many rules on Fiverr @kjblynx . Insecure much

Reply to @pacquills: Message me and I’ll friend you, like your page, etc. My FB is mostly there for Fiverr members and has Fiverr ad and discussion groups. (I wouldn’t mind getting real likes back. :slight_smile:

Reply to @pacquills:

Every business – every site – has rules. If we wish to do business on/with that site, we have to follow their rules. :slight_smile:

With great mentors like you guys, how can I not succeed on Fiverr?