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So you are having a bad buyer or seller? it could be worse

Sellers - So you are having a difficult buyer?
Buyers - So you are having a difficult seller?

It could be worse.

My best friend is travelling across two big continents stuck to each other…

The train she just came on the leg journey she just finished…the toilet was just a hole on the floor…you had to PAY for toilet paper. You get one sheet for the amount. You have to pay in before you go and exact change. So you have to hang your pants above the hole on a moving train.

She arrived at her destination and is glad the hotel room (4 stars) has a toilet in her room and lots of toilet paper.

Think of her story every time you are having a bad day due to a Fiverr gig.

I would rather deal with the fun and games of train poop holes than buyer, er, poop holes.


To all you lovely sellers and buyers on here who live in countries where the toilet is a whole in the floor on a train, or otherwise: thanks for letting me visit your beautiful and interesting countries. I’d rather be back there than dealing with a stroppy buyer or seller.