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So you thought my cricket posts on the forum were a waste of time?

I have been asked to write previews and match reports for all matches of the IPL - Indian Premier League, world’s biggest cricket tournament worth $5 billion a year, which begins today and lasts for 2 months. That means 60 matches - 60 previews and 60 match reports - 120 articles on cricket over 2 months, which I can do in my sleep. Apparently the client saw my cricket posts here on the forum. I am like…pinch me now! All my effort on Fiverr Forum has finally paid off. Now I don’t need you guys anymore…or maybe I do…is it final goodbye…maybe not…LOL…thank you for tolerating me everyone!


Another flounce?

See you tomorrow…


It’s a joke, not a flounce…can you feel the happiness and joy and love and more coming from me?


Not really!


I suppose it’s better than abusing bank tellers in public.


You know the buyer went through every writer on Fiverr and you were the only one who would write on cricket?

Jokes. Congrats, nice to get a subject you can enjoy.

I just want someone to hire me to write match predictions and match reports for EPL and Champions League…man…that would be something…Hopefully next season. This season is over. Will start a “sports” gig in August.


Your :green_heart: of India paid off. Ya never who’s reading this colorful forum.
Modi would be proud, bhai!


:slight_smile: Your article on Sat :slight_smile: Pressure! Pressure!


Using my Nelly (the rapper) voice: :musical_note:It’s gettin’ hot in here:sun_with_face:
:volcano: :hotdog: :hot_pepper: :hotsprings: :fire:

yeah, we can dream I suppose.

@writer99025 I assume you would be supporting RCB, right?

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I don’t have any favorites to be honest. Just love the fun and the excitement. IPL is supposed to be simple, harmless fun, it’s non-serious, unlike Test cricket.

I love IPL. In IPL season $$ exchange rate increases (in local market) :smiley:
(we all know why)

I like Mustafizur, the Bangladeshi fast bowler who plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad…really good player for T20 format…was the best bowler in IPL 9.

He will not play in this season :wink: (or just 2/3 matches)

I thought he was coming next week?

May be just 2 or 3 matchs. Our national team have some schedule of tour series.

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Too bad…

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It was a bank officer…next in line to the manager…