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Social click and view can help to rank my gig?

Hi there,
I need to know valid information about social click and views. If I share my gig in the social platform and if I get lot of clicks and view to my gig so it will be any help to rank my gig?

Thanks in advance.

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Information on statistics:

Thanks for you help. But I need to know social click and views will help to rank up my gig?

I’m not sure they do. Orders help, so getting a bunch of clicks don’t matter at all if they don’t lead to an order. In fact, getting a bunch of clicks that don’t convert might actually hurt your ‘rank’. The algorithm is a secret. No one knows how it works, so your hunt for “valid information” is going to lead to a dead end.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis.”

This (^) can be found here, under Gig Status, in the second drop-down.

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Maybe but if click are more and not getting any order so it’s impact on your gig ranking

Wow awesome explanation. I understand now many many thanks all