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Social Marketing: I will sell addmefast bot for $5

#1 is a leading network of internet marketers, small to medium sized business owners and end consumers who are looking to grow their social media presence with a limited or no budget and can not afford that crappy VERY EXPENSIVE paid advertisements on social network sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram etc. What they do is to sign up to Addmefast and aggressively engage in earning points by doing that easy yet tedious and laborious repetitive tasks to earn points.

We have the SOLUTION….

After years of hard work, We have developed a detailed and sensitive robot which automate the whole process of clicks and activity on other social identities to make you earn UNLIMITED points which you can use the way you want.

You literally have to do nothing but to run the bot on your system after loging in to your addmefast account, It do the whole process for your click here and there as needed and the points keeps coming your way. Its virus free!

Yes, It is just as simple as that.

I will send you download link after purchase!

P.S. I sell this software for $47 with full license on but I will be selling 30 days trial for only $5