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Hi friends I am kamran muzaffar new to Fiverr. I have created 2 gigs but not received any order can someone please help me how I can get order.


Hello kmtv. welcome to fiverr family.

Getting your first order is not very easy.

But you can try these methods:

  1. Create awesome & unique gigs
  2. Share your gigs on social media
  3. Create custom offers for buyers
  4. Response to buyers request

Hope it will help.


Thank you for nice lines…

Hello, Kamran, Welcome to Fiverr and hope you are doing well.

FYI, It’s Fiverr not fever, please be careful about such common words. (It maybe your typing mistake but you have to be the best as you have come to an online marketplace and community)

Please read Fiverr’s ToS to learn more how it’s working.

Thanks and best of luck!

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It’s fiverr. Please improve your English. And market your gigs and reach potential clients. Hope you’ll get orders


Hello , where are you from?
As s many people suggested you have to be patient for your 1st order . In this wating time explore popular gigs and take notes. Thanks

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Thank you so much for such a nice line.
Correction has been made and thanks for pointing…:blush:

Thank you so much…

Thank you for your suggestion.
I am from kashmir

Hello @kmtv70
welcome to fiverr community
best of luck

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Thank you for appreciation