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Social media add on Fiverr

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I need to know about adding my social media on Fiverr. Can LinkedIn be added on Fiverr profile? If anyone add their LinkedIn account on Fiverr please let me know how you guys did that. I don’t find any option.
Thanks in Advance.



these are the available social media till now to link with. But why do you want to add Linkedin with Fiverr? I don’t find any reason to add it here…

I have seen it Brother. Thanks anyway. I want just for sharing my gigs. nothing else.

this is not possible actually, because if you understand what LinkedIn does and what Fiverr does! they are indirect competitors!

you can still share your gigs without connecting your account to linkedIn.

you are always welcome brother. Stay Safe.

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I know that and I have shared once. But it’s easier to share if ID connected. Anyway I got you Brother.