Social Media Contest/Competition


I’m currently gathering info for my next gig. The idea is to ‘promote social media contest/competition’ via my video gig.

Contest/competition via social media is one of the ‘white hat’ ways to boost followers/fans.

These are the most common types of contest/competition I know:


  1. Lucky tweet with #hashtag
  2. ReTweet to win
  3. Twitter Poll
  4. @mention Slogan

  5. Photo/Video voting

  6. Pin to win
  7. Pinning sweepstakes
  8. Board likes & repins

    Have any of you guys run a successful twitter/facebook contest/campaign?

    Care to share your input/experience?

    Thank you :slight_smile:


I confess to knowing nothing about this topic.


Reply to @anarchofighter: LOL!


I’m intrigued by this, @thefacebookgeek. Are you saying that the gig will be to produce a video to promote someone else’s contests? I have run a number of contests via Twitter and it’s quite fun to get people stirred up and interacting.

I’d love to know more about this :slight_smile:




Like and Share competitions on Facebook can be winners if the prize is good enough. What is your prize/budget?


Reply to @ruanna3: Exactly what I meant :slight_smile:


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