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Social Media Design - A lot of buyers assume I will provide content!

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:
No question or need for help, just wanted to share some frustrating thing that keeps happening and wanted to hear if someone else with the same struggle :sweat_smile:

In one of my gigs offers the design of social media posts, and even though I have already specifically written it troughout my gig descripton, it has happened to me many times buyer assuming I will provide the content for the posts. And in the requiriments I have a field for “Content (Text, photos, etc)”
I’ve had a few scenarios:

  • They message me with something like this “I need social media posts”. Not even a “hello” or “goodbye” :woman_shrugging:
  • When I ask them what is the content, they say “anything you find relevant”… :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming: I can even recall one of them who had a dentist page who replied: “Dentist content, anything dentists will relate to”, and other one also said “You can search online for cryptocurrency theme and use that information”
    I mean… am I the one supposed to know what should go in your page??

I think most of them don’t really know the difference between content creating and designing…
Sorry if sound too stupid ahah :laughing: but just keeps happening, and wondering if anyone with the same issue, or maybe I’m doing something wrong :woman_shrugging:


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A lot of Buyers don’t read.

I’m a freelance web content writer.

As clearly as I have stated in my Gig Description that I do not provide stock photos, I get orders asking for stock photos.

I finally added a line in the questions that a Buyer gets once they place an order and are instructed to provide details of what they want me to do…one of them says, “You do understand that I am only going to supply you with written web content - no photos, right? Answer YES or NO.”

That seems to have helped.

But I get it.

I feel your pain.

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Personally I didn’t know. Write it bald and highlight

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I have a gig on another platform where I offer to make lyric videos - I made it after a muso asked me to make a series of videos for him and making a new custom job 11 times seemed dumb.

I will create a Lyric or similar Music Video to suit your song from Assets Supplied.

  • You must provide all the Assets which are music, images (~15), text, and a running sheet of when they should be used.

I think makes it clear that for the low price I work from ~15 supplied images per song. Yet most of the random enquiries I get are from people thinking for the pittance I will magic up cinematic video footage of their subject (or town) and then make the video. Um no. Did I say I would do that? In my experience a fair number of the images I chose lovingly will have to be replaced with the cliche images they already had in mind but were too lazy to grab to ensure their project turned out right first time.

They always ghost once they realize I am not a film unit peopled by magical pixies with nothing better to do than chase their poorly articulated desires.

There are a generation or two of saddos out there who firmly believe that for no effort they will be handed whatever they want. Stay well clear as the Force is not strong in those ones. They make drippy Kylo Ren look heroic in comparison and always get as smashy when things don’t work out.


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Easy fix, offer content research for 50-100$, as I did.

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