Social Media Gigs?


Hey Everyone, Hope you are doing well today.

Just wondering how social media gigs work in regards to Fiverrs terms and conditions.

I created a twitter Gig not so long ago and it did really well. I decided to edit it a little (change the description) and 1 day later it got removed.

Now I don’t get it because their are literally 1000’s of twitter, YouTube, Instagram gigs out there and they don’t seem to get removed?

I always see social media gigs with over 1000 reviews so surely that must be up for a while to get that many reviews…

Can someone explain the policy behind it just so I know.

Thank you

Matteo :slight_smile:

PS: I looked through the policy myself and couldn’t find anything about social media


Dear Matteo:

I suggest you ask in this thread: Fiverrcast Questions

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We can never answer unless we know what type of gig was it.

Here’s why-
When you modify a gig, it goes through a review by the Fiverr editorial team. If they find it to be somehow problematic, they deny the gig. The 1000’s of gigs you see there either have not modified their gigs for a quite long period of time or they are not against the Fiverr ToS.


Dear Matteo
visit fiverr help center or social media side. I hope you are finding answer.


Thank you Blaise! :slight_smile:


Thank You, The Gig Was Me Providing Organic Engagement.


Thank You my friend.


Makes sense then. How can you guarantee organic engagement? You cannot control peoples… Another reason for this could be if you had stated that the buyers will receive x likes, y shares etc.


I have created Facebook groups specific for that Gig and I post their tweet and in their and everyone goes and engages.

It was guaranteed because they always get what they wanted