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Social Media Helps You Get Impressions?

Many people share their gigs to different social media just to increase the number of impressions on their gigs? I guess its useless when the impressions are just of your fellow friends who are just some other freelancers. There should be an option to share a gig somehow to other freelancing websites. That would be fantastic :smiley:

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That would easily be spam. Spamming other competing freelance sites with Fiverr gigs would be inappropriate in every sense of the word. Marketing does not mean, spamming other people or websites just to get more impressions. Marketing involves strategy, and targeted actions. If you’re not reaching out to your target customers, then you’re not really doing anything effective. Focus on your target market, not random people who have no interest in what you sell.


Impressions mean nothing unless they convert to sales. Sharing on social media will help with the numbers but you want quality not quantity. I’d much rather have 20 impressions and 10 sales than 1,000 impressions and no sales. Internet marketing has to work on 2 levels, and so few people seem to understand this. Traffic looks great, but you have to convert when they visit your page.


I agree that just endlessly sharing your gig on social media would be super spam-y but I actually increased impressions on my gig (up to 17k impressions) by utilizing paid Pinterest adds. I got 8k impressions in one day doing this which ended up turning into quite a bit of sales!

You have to see which platform would work best for your gig, but investing $5-$10 into social media advertising has really paid off for me!