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Hello, my name is Olga, I am 37 years old, energetic, creative peraon. Good at personal (virtual) assistance and social media support, also translation from Russian into English and English into Russian. I am good with new ideas and I know a lot how to promote business. Happy to work with you. :blush:


Hi ,@olga_sokolova You are mostly welcome :smiley:


Put this on your Profile info Olga! :slight_smile:


Hi, Russian into English :scream: great job.


Welcome, Olga! I wanted to check out your gigs but saw this…


I am new here.I need help.3 month passed still no order


Your gigs look great. I get a sense you know what you’re doing. :slight_smile:


Hi im new here :slight_smile:


Hey Olga, How are you. Hope that you will be fine…!


Hello, I 'm New Here can you help me?


thank you.but still I have no order.about 3 month passed.