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Social media kit for logo project

I have designed a logo for a mam’s situation awareness website and she also wants me to do it for facebook, instagram and twitter. Tell me what to create for these platforms.


You literally have that explained when you post GIG for logo.

Are you seller or buyer?


I am a seller. Please give a better picture for my understanding.

I am a seller too.

I obtained a Graphic design and Social media marketing certificate amongst many others.

During the lectures and training they talked about social media design.

So you should go back to your notes from the course or training you passed to be able to provide that service or if you did not give anything, look it up.

There are plenty low cost and free training available.
And like I said when you make gig if you select that you are offering social media design when you hover with mouse above it it gives you description of what is it.

If you want easy way out of this loop go to my social media design Gig and see what that is.


Thank you fot your help. What I have to do in social media kit for facebook, instagram and twitter for a client whose order is being done by me and for this only $5 will be paid (social media kit) besides logo design. Please reply.

Note: I am a 60 year old guy (this is for your information)

Thanks and Regards,

This is against forum rules you know

Check the third photo in my portfolio.

60 is not an excuse to sell homegrown tomatoes without a garden or seeds.

OK. I am sorry.