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Social Media Link Spam

I have found that when I post in the forum or have Tweeted something about my Fiverr business, some Fiverr sellers follow me on Twitter. There Tweets are exclusively links to their Fiverr gigs with a call to action to buy.

And sometimes I get private Fiverr messages from other unprofessional sellers who want free advice. They contact me multiple times despite me telling them I am not interested and chatting and only use the chat to discuss orders. They keep harassing me anyway and then I have to block them.

Do other sellers get this? And have you been able to stop it?

Screening these kinds of things takes time from my business. It’s also just super annoying.


Yes, all the time. I do the same, though, and ultimately block them.

I couldn’t agree more.


Solidarity, @jonbaas!

It doesn’t even make sense. I’m your competitor. Why would I help you?! :joy:


Yes, both on Twitter and on Fiverr. I block them and report them. Sometimes I also check their gigs, and if I notice that they’re using stolen descriptions or stolen graphics (they often are), I flag their gigs for that.


Good for you! I should start blocking them on Twitter. Usage like that just annoys people.


Definitely. There’s even a special reason for reporting, “using the reply feature to spam” or something like that. That must have been created because there were way too many people doing exactly that.

Of course, if all they do is follow me, and don’t message me or reply to one of my posts with spam, I have no reason to block them or report them.


I have some like that, they ask interday house the same things and because I did not leave it cheaper (buyers), I’m going to have to block them, since they get annoying their questions.