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Social Media Marketing and/or Advertising

This post aplies to a broad scope not just Fiverr but in general. How do you use social media to market or advertise your gigs/business/website whatever?

It’s suggested throughout this site that a seller should market their gigs on social media but what is the best way to do that exactly. In my case, I have my personal social media accounts and I’m connected to people that are my friends, family, close acquaintances and maybe a few randoms tossed in there. I think that’s probably pretty normal and most of you have similar contacts on your social media accounts. Now concerning marketing or advertising my work to them, I can certainly do that but I don’t see how it will revolutionize my sales. At best it may give me a few sympathy sales, “Aww look, Ashley is trying to work from home. Poor girl probably struggles to feed those three little ones of hers on just her husband’s paycheck… So sad! Maybe I should buy something from her so she can put food on her table”. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly what my friends and family say about me, but you get the idea. My social media connections already know me and are aware of what I’m doing, if they were interested they would have mentioned it by now and a few have but not as a result of posting on social media. Point being, trying to network my friends and family on social media is a waste of time.

I have to believe that asking your Uncle Bob on Facebook if he wants to buy your gig, can’t be what people have in mind by suggesting social media marketing. So then what? Do you start adding random people and spamming their updates with your sales campaign? I know that if someone did that to me, I would NOT be very impressed and I certainly wouldn’t feel inclined to purchase something from them “Hey, I don’t know you and thanks for putting your sales agenda all over my feed, that was real sweet of you. Sure I will buy your service as long as you promise to never talk to me again. Thanks”. That doesn’t seem like a very effective tactic either.

Most social media platforms offer paid advertising. This gets very costly, I found that out personally. I ran an ad campaign on Facebook and I did receive likes and views etc but nothing profitable. I understand the concept of having to spend money to make money but at some point the tables have to turn in your favor to enable you to spend anything.

These three options, family & friends, random people and paid ads, are the obvious choices I came up with but none of them were winners in my opinion. I suppose if that’s the definition of social media marketing than I will cross that off of my list as a non effective marketing technique and find another way.

What bothers me is that it has so much hype and I figure there must be more to it, I just can’t figure out what. My hope is that some of my fellow Fiverrs on the forum might have some more insight on this subject. Maybe from personal experience or possibly just something you have heard. Either way I would like to hear what you think. Thanks!

Great post @missashley8705! What I think of when I hear about social media marketing & advertising is simply what you’re doing right here on this forum: you are putting yourself out there, you are making your presence known, and that to me is more important than you advertising your gigs with big banners and 2 for 1 deals, etc. I think by posting on relevant pages of social media sites and being active in exchanging with other people, just like you’ve been doing here, and with your friendly personality, you’ll more than likely connect with people who would want to know more about what you do, what you offer, and maybe some of them know people in their network of friends who would benefit from your services. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Reply to @norrsken_marc: thanks Marc, I appreciate the advice. I would like to do that more on LinkedIn but I feel totally confused by that site. I like your idea and I guess it’s just about finding the right pages to do that on.

Reply to @missashley8705: Just use your favourite social media sites: instagram, twitter, etc. Just get involved with things related to what you are offering here, and more likely, people will see your posts, comments, blogs, etc., and wish to know more and click on your link that brings them to your Fiverr page. I’m sure you’ll do great at it.

Reply to @norrsken_marc: That is a good idea Marc! Truthfully I’m trying to get people to my new VA website lol (shhh don’t tell) but I’m assuming the concept is the same regardless of what you are trying to promote.

I wish I could stay with Fiverr forever, but someone has to care whether or not I’m protected and clearly Fiverr does not hold their sellers in very high regard. Anyway that’s a whole other conversation lol!

Reply to @missashley8705: Not putting all one’s eggs in the same basket is the number one rule for success, so I agree with you. And… your secret is safe with me :slight_smile: