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Social media marketing for gigs

Hey all ! Hope you are having a great i saw some sellers on fiverr who do social media they tweet to their lot of if i want to promote my gig and want to share my gig link to their tweeter followers,can i place an order to them?or that is not allowed? Thanks in advance.


It will increase your gig traffic if properly optimized. Thus you have the chance to come on first impression of fiverr search.
You can also promote your gig on “my fiverr gig” forum. Fiverr allows it!
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Thank you. :slight_smile:


@humanissocial Hello ma’am, i would like to know your opinion on this. :pray:

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Hi! Thanks for your interest.

The thing is with an “optimized” Tweet, @afsanabarik, is that this only deals with the technical side of things and that doesn’t also account for what engages people and what they want to see. It’s important to know how a Tweet generates a lead. It doesn’t really happen in isolation, only if whatever else you’re Tweeting provides valuable insight to the prospect. Then you earn credibility and they become interested and want to know more.

That’s why if all you’re Tweeting is your gig URLs with a call-to-action to buy, you won’t even get engagements and followers from it and you certainly won’t get leads. It also puts people off if all they see is self-promotion. I don’t want to follow someone who is only going to post their gig URL over and over again and tell me to buy it. It’s just annoying and boring and there’s no incentive for a person to follow someone who does that.

I’d also like to add that on Twitter, you very seldom get a direct sale via a click your gig or profile URL link in the Tweet. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s usually more indirect. People see that you know what you’re talking about and that you could solve their problem, so they check you out.

Like anything in sales and marketing, you need to focus on the problems of your clients, not on what you want to sell them. This requires you to not only know your clientele, but to indicate that you do through sharing valuable content and insights.

I always say that if you want to build credibility and attract leads, only 10 to 20% of your Tweets should be about yourself and what you want to promote. The rest needs to be content, mostly by others, that builds a case for what you do. So for example if you make Wordpress websites, you should be Tweeting articles about Wordpress and valuable insights about the platform and how to use it.


Thank you so much for really helpful guidance :pray:

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Does anyone use the website Alignable for marketing their gigs? I’ve recently found it and made a profile to try and gain more clients but I wanted to know if it has been successful for other freelance writers.

Thank you!

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Fiverr is not just a platform, it is a market place. It needs both sellers as well as buyers. To keep things active buyers are more important. Therefore Fiverr itself believe us as sellers who can promote their market place for buyers. Therefore optimizing only for Fiverr search is not enough in their perspective. Therefore it is very important to market your product outside Fiverr. Then only both Fiverr, as well as sellers, survive.

As a Fiverr seller we should not be selfish. We need to promote Fiverr. If Fiverr survives, we survive. Therefore as sellers, we can promote Fiverr not only on social media but also we can optimize our gigs for search engines like Google. And we can use other websites to promote your gig and Fiverr.

As a seller, I promote my gigs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media. Not only that I promote my gigs on different forums. This is a little bit time consuming, but it worth. If you don’t have time you can hire a person to do it for you. I do it my self because I don’t want to put my link on unwanted websites. At the same time, I comment on websites and post guest posts on Fiverr by saying the cheapest place to design a banner. This is such an article I posted on a blog a few years back ( Fiverr complete review with pros and cons

I get both direct, indirect, social and organic traffic from all the sources. Therefore my sales are constant.

I advise you to do the same and earn what I have earned.

Good luck.


Thank you so much for really good advice Christina Ma’am. appreciate it. :pray:

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People don’t want to be sold a product, they want to be sold a feeling.
Tobacco industry used this idea widely before ads were banned for them, they were widely successful.

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thank you @christina123
for sharing your experience,
could you please tell me which forum you are using??
i need some valid forum to share my gigs, please help me out to do it.
Thank you

My advice is to Google the top ranking forums with high DA.
Here is a small list. But don’t limit to these 10 forums.

Top 10 Forms for backlinks

Good luck.


Thank you for share it :blush: