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Social Media Marketing Help Me Get Order Regularly!

Please Read Properly: Social Media Marketing

I do social media marketing weekly 2-3 times on this gig: Facebook Page and I get order regularly.

If you also want to rank your gigs 1st page + increase your gigs orders, impressions, clicks, views then you have to do social media marketing. When you do social media marketing, you will get genuine clicks on your gigs and genuine clicks will help you to rank your gigs 1st page. Do social media marketing weekly 2-3 times (Always try to share gigs at your service related social media groups, page, platform). If you don’t know how to do social media marketing, please go to youtube then you will get lots of social media marketing related good tutorial.

If you have any question, please comment here. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing your informative information.

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Thanks for your comment and welcome.

Yeap it works really good. :+1:

Thanks for the information

thanks for sharing, i could easily share my gigs on social media when i published them, but how do i share an active gig on fb and linkedin for exaple? If u have an open instagram would u suggest promoting it there as well with hashtags (on your private account) or would you rather suggest to create a new account just for work?

exactly, agreed 100%. getting the word out is the best tool to gain traction on fiverr. :slight_smile: