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Social media marketing worth it?


So I wanted to know does social media marketing really helps? I mean for your fiverr gigs and where do you post your links. Could anyone give me tips about it?
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If it’s done poorly, it won’t work. Most sellers don’t use social media well. If done correctly, it can really help.

Check these gold mine posts:


Hello there nice question. Social media marketing is very effective for promoting your product or service. The term SMM makes it look very easy but actually it’s a very complex process. You’ve to first see what’s your product then find potential customers after that you find what social media platform your audience is using and then you make a proper strategy according to it. For example if your potential customers use “We Chat” then there’s no use of making a SMM strategy for Facebook.

Also SMM strategies vary from platform to platform and it includes different stuff like hashtag marketing, Linkedin connections etc.

If you want to make SMM gigs, I advice you to learn it through online moocs and YouTube videos.

Hope it helps.


I also know how to digitally market things properly but there are many fish in the sea, you gotta remember.


I know that part… but you know buyers won’t have a tag like we are hiring. Social media is immersed with so many people don’t you think it’s hard to find the big thing


Social media really help to improve your gigs impression


yes it works!

I tried many time sharing my gigs to Facebook, and Youtube and my conversions increased. Check my profile, orders and ratings within 2 months I made more than 800 usd with fiverr.

Thanks to fiverr


why is your profile picture Estee Lalonde?
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anyone can tell the exact procedure how to do marketing? because on facebook there is lots of fiverr groups they are fillup with the rest of asian fiverr user they are promoted their gigs with eachother, did this effect to my gig impressions? just viewing someone else can take effect? please help?


It’s also the point that people who post a gig looking for digital marketers to do the social media page don’t know how to run such projects correctly, that’s why they post it here and we take care of it. It’s as supplied as it is in demand. I am in the middle of helping my friend with his company and trying to make some extra cash because I am co-owner, co-founder and 2nd in charge for the company. We have no publications, no media presence etc yet because we’re scheduling posts for the date of launch onward. If you can do some digital marketing from planned strategy to results, that is great, you have something to offer the community.

Now for some positives:

You have skills, you will be able to supply people because it is in demand as I have previously stated. I would like a link to visit your social media page and all other publicly seen things because I am interested in seeing your work. I have taken courses on digital marketing and like to see what others have done to make ends meet so that they can get clicks, impressions, customers, etc. It is a living and breathing creature and it’s only food is learning and applying.

Social marketing does work, I’ve seen many great pages that have made with teen humor content, short stories, facts of the day and so on. I have also seen some not-so great pages that are currently in success (it’s a matter of opinion) and it all boils down to the appreciation of the art and science that goes into people seeing a pair of Nike shoes in mint condition and limited edition, they click, they contact the provider and it leads them towards buying the shoes from a page labeled as a business that could also advertise other peoples’ goods and services as well. This world relies on money, power and intelligence. As I aforementioned, there are many fish in the sea.

I checked out your profile, it’s a matter of what you publicly displayed. You seem like a bright person who has many things to offer. You can always improve and learn, that’s the beauty of this world. I’d like to see you stick around and succeed! :slight_smile:


As to answer your question about where to post links, you’d post them in the advertising section, I’ll send you a message with the correct link and info.


please do…


Just dropped it in your inbox. It pays nicely to be kind.


Thank you so much for detail post and encouragement. I will definitely stick around.


thank you… will check


I explained how to get there w/o the link as well.


It’s only effective when it’s done correctly. Just putting links out there is not the way to go.


Now everybody has a link.


She got her answer she was looking for, she messaged me, I replied, the end.


So you decided when a topic is closed? Very arrogant attitude.