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I Login from my personal Facebook account and i want to change it now and add an another facebook acoount !
How I will do this ?


Hi @toorzan, for this purpose you have to contact with CS team, hope they will give you best solution through their dedicative support.


Where you login? For Fiverr purpose?


Thank you for suggestion


Yes, I connect my fb account with fiverr to promote my gigs through it on social media, But i want now to switch my account to another one


Contact support for better answers.


@skawzy Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t it forbidden to have more than one Facebook account?


I don’t know !!
If no problem in more than one fb account than ok


As far as I know, Facebook doesn’t allow more than one personal account. They could delete both of your accounts.


You not got what i say !!
I want to make an another account on facebook for business and advertisement purpose from where i will promote my fiverr gigs. But i already add/connect my personal fb account here in fiverr, Now i want to delete my personal account from fiverr and add my business account here.


I understand what you’re saying.

The thing is, having more than one Facebook account violates Facebook’s Terms of Service.


You can make a Facebook fanpage for your gigs etc. without creating a new personal FB account.

You can have as many different fanpages as you like with only one FB account. :slightly_smiling_face:


The question is…
How i will delete/finish connectivity between my fb account and fiverr ??


you are right brother


Just leave it as it is - all it shows on Fiverr is that you’ve connected your FB account. No buyer will know which one you’ve connected or see any details about it.

PS @catwriter isn’t a bloke. :woman_curly_haired: