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What exactly does it mean when sellers advise other sellers to “Market your gigs in Social Media?”

Are you allowed to link, post, or show your gigs on places like Youtube, Facebook, Websites, etc.?

If I am not mistaken, you are not allowed to post outside links on 5r gigs; but you ARE allowed to post 5r links outside? Am I correct?



Yes sellers can post links to their fiverr gigs on social media and promote them anywhere they choose. I’m on a few social media sites with links to my fiverr gigs.


Thank you. I thought so, but had to verify.

Not planning on seller on 5r, only on A-zon.

I was going to post some of my favorites gigs - that I bought, with a link to 5r seller - on a website and I wanted to make sure NOT to get anyone in trouble before doing it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fiverr loves it when you promote your Fiverr gigs online. What they don’t want you is communicating outside of Fiverr once an order has started.

Now suppose you wrote a book called “50 Ways To Eat Veal.” If you want to create word of mouth, you hire food bloggers on Fiverr, food facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc, then they blast that stuff online and maybe you get some sales, maybe you don’t.

I used to sell t-shirts online and used to hire a Fiverr gig all the time, sadly, I didn’t see the results I wanted even though his page was legit.




Sorry for what? Don’t understand your comment.


This. I meant this…/…


Well, no need to say “sorry” about that. Failure is a part of life. Even here on Fiverr, I’ve had gigs that never made any money and were deleted after a month or two.