Social Media Scares Me


I know that social media like facebook and twitter are supposed to be huge for freelancers like us. But if I’m being completely honest, I HATE using them. I hate scrolling through useless posts, I hate posting more useless things, and I hate having no idea how to do it effectively. What are some easy ways to get the most out of minimal social media posting? Please help me not hate this.


Dear Sarah:

On my blog, I have a page called “Commendations”. It’s a collection of screenshots of Tweets of mine that were liked by people I admire.

The cast of The Big Bang Theory liked a Christmas card I made for them.

Walter Simonson liked a meme I made that celebrates a key scene from his iconic run on Thor.

Several cast members of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Rosewood have liked various of my Tweets.

I suggest you make a game of finding the people whom you most admire on Twitter, Facebook, etc., and reaching out to them in various ways.

Like, maybe if you send a Tweet to Chelsea Handler and she re-Tweets it, that would make your day.

Stuff like that.

What can you do on Social Media to amuse YOURSELF?

Have fun,


Hello @sarahsope1

I can relate to your pain. Honestly. I am a big fan of social media. I have forged great relationships with people from the major platforms. It has benefitted me more than brought me misery. However, still, I have had to stay away these last few days for the sake of work. It is sometimes like a black hole that steals me away from being productive, happy and focused.

However, social media is here to stay. We just have to look for ways to cope, just as @blaisefaint has highlighted a brilliant approach.

Wish you all the best.



Apart from The Big Bang Theory, I have no idea who the rest of these people are I’m afraid!


Dear Off:

That’s why I suggest you engage with people YOU admire! (I probably wouldn’t know whose THOSE folks are…)

Good luck,


Pretty interesting idea!


I like that idea. I can certainly approach it like a game and see where it leads. Thank you for the idea.


Dear Sarah:

You are welcome,


I find it totally intimidating. Have not a clue how to best use it to promote my gigs.


Well, I admire the current PM of India, the man who will be the Prez of the US in 2 days time, Ayn Rand (who is dead), Milton Friedman (dead), FA Hayek (dead), Maggie Thatcher (dead), Ronald Reagan (dead) Prof. Thomas Sowell (retired), Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi (world’s greatest football players), Virat Kohi (greatest cricketer), Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison and the Google Guys (need no introduction), Mukesh Ambani (India’s top industrialist), Rakesh Jhunjunwala (India’s Warren Buffett), Clint Eastwood (greatest director) and others I will think of later when I have time :slight_smile:


hire someone to manage it for you lol
however if it’s a personal account, you’ll risk it being spammed into the depths of like-backs and -follow for follows, but hey, you’ll have some shiny, spammy large numbers to boast about!

i hate social media too. but I love twitter for reckless stream of consciousness binges. my twitter timeline is pure non-sense, so much that a friend I went to high school with (years ago), actually contacted my mom wondering if I was ok! lol.

I think the trick to gaining engaged followers, and promoting effectively is to be as authentic as possible. no bs. just be you. put your truth into the web, and you’ll get others that believe it.
none of that ‘check this out!’ ‘rise and grind!’ ‘one more project for the day and this girl gets her wine!’… none of that. it’s bland, it’s boring, and no one cares about it.


That makes sense, I just have trouble putting anything out there. It turns out I’m more private than I realized and also tend to enjoy being in the moment more than recording it in some form. I think I may be facing a forced shift in thinking. Thanks for you thoughts.


There are automation tools which allow you to broadcast automatically every time you make a new blog post on your blog. There are also automation tools which will syndicate this content to your other social media tools. This will take care of a large part of your social media needs and you are free to personally interact only if you feel like.


There’s more to social media than Twitter and Facebook. You could try Tumblr, Reddit and some other… forum-like sites that are more private, less invasive and still have enough users to consider using them. That way you’ll get accustomed to that kind of interaction and in no time you’ll even make an Instagram for you and your neighbor’s backyard. Who knows!

Most users that replied to you before me have made some amazing suggestions and I wound’t want to repeat their words. Best of luck!!


That’s a great idea! Very helpful, thank you.